Department of Environment and Forest,UT of Lakshadweep,
Government of India
पर्यावरण और वन विभाग, लक्षद्वीप संघ राज्य क्षेत्र, भारत सरकार


Rapid development is taking place in the islands of Lakshadweep. These developments often give room for concern. The changing demographic pattern and life style, infrastructural developments, various types of pollutions coupled with resource harvest from the reefs at more than sustenance levels have created very high stress in the very existence of islands. Any unscientific activity will adversely affect the very existence of this pristine ecology.

Vanamahotsava is a festival of tree planting to create massive awareness among the public for forest conservation and tree planting. Tree planting during the festival serves various purposes such as providing alternatives fuel, increasing production of food resources, providing food for cattle, offering shade and decorative landscapes, reducing drought and helping to prevent soil erosion, etc.

The conservation of biodiversity is essential for the quality of environment and human survival. Lakshadweep islands are unique in many ways, fragile and vulnerable to global changes. Due to increase in population pressure and fast developments, many of the plant communities are extinct from the islands. Only in the few uninhabited islands representing remnant natural vegetation. As far as this union territory is concerned, it is very vital importance to rejuvenate the littoral and indigenous plantation programmes on the vulnerable sea shore/road sides’ area, which in all respect required for the very existence of island and maintain the ecological balance.